Gretler House & Farm

Between Urban and Green

Gretler House & Farm is a charming lakeside resort in Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands near Strokestown with varied farm activities. Positioned on the western shores of Grange Lough a harbour and a separate slip-way provide easy boat access direct onto the lake and on the River Shannon.

Grange Lough affords good boating and fishing and is noted for Bream and holds good quality Rudd, Roach and Perch.

Grange Lough north Fishing Map
Grange Lough south Fishing Map

Together with Kilglass Lough, Lough Boderg, Lough Tap and Lough Bofin the Grange Lough is part of a chain of large, varied and navigable waters that are a key part of the renowned Shannon. The River Shannon being 360 km long and largely navigable along its length.

Shannon Navigation Guide

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