Strokestown (Irish: Béal na mBuillí), also known as Bellanamully and Bellanamullia, is a beautiful town in County Roscommon located in Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands. It is 140 km from Dublin and 120 km from Galway. Strokestown is one of the 27 designated Heritage Towns in Ireland.

Features include the second-widest street in Ireland and the Strokestown Park House, an 18th-century mansion with the longest herbaceous border in Ireland.


Roscommon (Irish: Ros Comáin, meaning ‘Saint Coman’s wood’) is the county town and the largest town in County Roscommon in Ireland. It is roughly in the centre of Ireland, near the meeting of the N60, N61 and N63 roads.

The name Roscommon is derived from Coman mac Faelchon who built a monastery there in the 5th century. The woods near the monastery became known as Ros Comáin (St. Coman’s Wood). This was later anglicised to Roscommon.


Carrick-on-Shannon (Irish: Cora Droma Rúisc, meaning ‘weir of the marshy ridge’ is the county town of County Leitrim. It is the largest town in the county of Leitrim. A smaller part of the town lies in County Roscommon.

Carrick-on-Shannon is situated on a strategic crossing point of the River Shannon.


Longford (Irish: An Longfort) is the county town of County Longford. It is the biggest town in the county and about one third of the county’s population lives there.

Longford lies at the meeting of Ireland’s N4 and N5 National Primary Route roads, which means that traffic traveling between Dublin and County Mayo, or north County Roscommon passes around the town.

Longford railway station, on the Dublin-Sligo line, is used heavily by commuters.

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